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Author: Alex Schneider

I Expect You To Die – Review

I Expect You To Die starts with a beautiful intro scene, which pays homage to the great James Bond film openers, with a full-on vocal track to boot! Very impressive, and it does a great job of setting the tone for becoming the next top secret agent.

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TPCast Wireless Adapter for HTC VIVE

TPCast Wireless Adaptor – Cut the Cords The HTC Vive will have you ducking and weaving as you experience Virtual Reality. One of the biggest factors that hold the HTC Vive back from total immersion in the VR world is the cords. They run from the HMD to your PC, and you may find yourself stepping over them occasionally to avoid tangles or trips. After all that, you still have to deal with the cord getting twisted too many times, so you have to spend time untwisting it between play sessions. If you don’t, the max length and reach...

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Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins

Get a Grip on Reality The Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins are designed to fit snugly over your HTC Vive’s Motion Controllers with the idea of delivering peace of mind when you finally smack your controllers together or swing one into a wall just outside your play space. Many times in the lab we have found ourselves knocking controllers together just from pure excitement; it happens.  Made of Silicone, these skins are the perfect thing to protect you from scrapes and light drops. GelShell Controller Skins – Full Review The Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins are made from a smoothly textured silicone,...

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Fovitec StudioPRO – HTC Vive Compatible

If You Build it, They Will Vive The Fovitec StudioPRO is a set of telescopic tripods, specifically designed to fit the HTC Vive’s Lighthouses. If you are unable to ceiling mount your lighthouses or tend to move your setup frequently, whether it be from giving demos or out of necessity, the Fovitec StudioPRO will help get your eyes in the sky working so you can keep up appearances in the virtual world. Fovitec StudioPRO Review The Fovitec StudioPRO is designed to give the user options when it comes to HTC Vive lighthouse placement, to ensure the best experience. Especially relevant for...

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Pavlov VR – Review

Clear Left! Pavlov VR is a modern day FPS with a wide selection of various firearms for you to use while eliminating the enemy. The game focuses on a semi-realistic gameplay style which requires players to aim down their gun’s ironsights, adjust their position to take cover from gunfire and even perform all the actions needed to reload the gun’s real life counterpart. Intense gun battles and bomb defusals ahoy! Pro’s and Con’s Pros L Immersion to the Max Pavlov VR is deeply immersive, making the player perform all the little actions such as feeding a magaznine and pulling...

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