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Overhead Cable Management

For what it does, this overhead cable management kit has to be the biggest price to performance/convenience accessory there is for the HTC Vive. Small footprint, portable, and low cost. Check out our review on

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Accessories Guide to the HTC Vive – guide to the best Vive accessories

Find the absolute best accessories guide for your HTC Vive When you first dive into the HTC Vive the number of accessories available for purchase can be overwhelming. Do you really need all these bits and bobs to get the most out of your new HTC Vive? In this HTC Vive accessories guide, we try to condense this into an easily digestible list so you can find the best of the best when it comes to accessories. HTC Vive accessories guide – Official N HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap We reviewed the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap earlier this...

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MSI VR ONE 7RE-065US Virtual Reality Backpack PC-Review

Ultimate VR Experience is Wireless Virtual reality immersion is a great feeling. Right up until you trip on your cords and run your HTC Vive (Review) and face into the floor or wrap yourself into a straightjacket sort of situation… Constantly I have to be mindful of how many rotations I have made in a certain direction and have to accommodate for that. This is no fun and breaks that crucial immersion that we love. Enter the MSI VR ONE 7RE-065US Virtual Reality Backpack PC, A full computer that needs no wires at all due to a hot-swappable battery system...

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Ultimate Guide to The HTC Vive

Everything you need to know about The HTC Vive – Ultimate Guide In early 2016 – a company known best for creating world-class cell phones announced they would be partnering with Steam to create the most cutting-edge VR technology ever built. The product was known as the HTC Vive and over a year later, it has proven itself to be the most unbelievable experience that the authors at Vive-Advisor have ever had. First, the HTC Vive headset. This is a device designed from day one to be more than just a 3D screen for you to view the world, it...

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NVidia GTX 1060 Review – HTC Vive

Entry-level Price for Major Power The GTX 1060 is a unicorn for NVidia, as it has finally managed to bridge the gap between power and pricing, delivering what could very well be the standard baseline graphics card for any budget focused gamer looking to upgrade their system. Not only does the GTX 1060 provide a sizable bang for its price, it is fully ready to power any VR system – including the HTC Vive Following the traditional manufacturing process, we knew the GTX 1060 was inevitable, just like the GTX 960, GTX 860 and the GTX 760 before it, though...

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