High-power VR weapon

The CyberPower PC Gamer Panzer features a I7-7700k Intel Core processor and the NVIDIA GTX-1080 graphics card to provide a premium VR experience and crush triple A titles. All this power is contained in a highly customizable, sleek and aesthetically pleasing chassis.

This PC is a beast and tested specifically for VR gaming to give you the most hyper-realistic immersive gaming experience. 

Pro’s and Con’s



Liquid Cooled Processor

The Gamer Panzer has a dedicated water cooler that will allow the I7-7700K to be overclocked to unlock even more performance.


Beauty and Customization

Equipped with 10-color led lighting and a tempered glass side cover, this machine can match any theme.


Includes Mouse and Keyboard

This package comes with a 7- color keyboard and gaming mouse.




This is a full computer and it includes high end parts and room for expansion… but it is very pricey.


No Pro

This machine ships with Windows 10 Home which is fine but can be restricting. This can be upgraded to Window 10 Professional.


Don't crack it

A glass side panel might not be the best thing for you if you are flailing around wildly in VR and happen to throw one of your HTC Vive controllers. So you know, be careful.



I7- 7700K 4 Core 8 Thread– This CPU is no joke it can handle anything you can throw at it and since it is a K part you can overclock it and pull even more performance out.


Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8gb GDDR5X– Smooth high frame rates in VR and non-VR games and 4K ready.


32gb’s of DDR4 3000mhz RAM– Enough for whatever you throw at it, and then some.


MSI Z270 Pro Motherboard-A board with overclocking and simple operation.


256Gb Solid State Drive– High speed storage to get everything up and running fast.

2Tb Hard Disk Drive– mass storage for you music, photos, and whatever other media you have.


1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty Plus Free Lifetime Tech Support