Entry-level Price for Major Power

The GTX 1060 is a unicorn for NVidia, as it has finally managed to bridge the gap between power and pricing, delivering what could very well be the standard baseline graphics card for any budget focused gamer looking to upgrade their system. Not only does the GTX 1060 provide a sizable bang for its price, it is fully ready to power any VR system – including the HTC Vive

Following the traditional manufacturing process, we knew the GTX 1060 was inevitable, just like the GTX 960, GTX 860 and the GTX 760 before it, though the speed at which it was brought to market this time surprised those of us in the industry, coming quickly on the heels of the Mid-range GTX 1070 Ti and absurdly powerful GTX-1080 Ti.

GTX 1060 TI – The card for everyone

The GTX 1060 is without a doubt, the most powerful budget card available today from any manufacturer, enabling anyone to jump into VR gaming straight away with very little spend on hardware upgrades. Faster than the GTX 980 Ti in most categories with a lower price point, the GTX 1060 is no slouch.

The smaller form factor means it can fit in all but the smallest PCs and its unique cooling systems mean it will not overheat, even in a much more cramped cabinet. It has a smaller profile, low power requirements and provides great performance in its price category.


GTX 1060 Pro’s and Con’s


Best card in its Class

For entry-level VR and high-end standard gaming, the GTX 1060 is the little engine that could – and does – do it all.

Cool Hand Luke

Playing on the HTC VIVE  (review) for hours at a time, the GTX 1060 stayed at cool temperatures thanks to the innovative cooling system

Reliable work-horse

This card works hard, plays hard and offers many features that are usually found on much more expensive cards, like the GTX 1070 Ti.


Not Future Proof

This is a starter card so knowing that someday you will have to upgrade, though not for quite some time.

Basic VR card

While this card will run the current set of VR games, future releases will more than likely cause this card a real headache. If you want a card that will last you a decade, buy the GTX 1080 Ti.

GTX 1060 Specifications

Pascal architecture

The worlds most advanced GPU architecture boasting nearly 3x the performance of previous generation cards

Nvidia Ansel technology

Capture and create 360 degree screenshots that can be viewed in full 4k. You can add filters, post-processing effects and more then explore them in VR using the HTC Vive

Video Memeory VRAM

6GB GDDR5 memory is one of fastest VRAM on the market, and 6GB is an plenty to work with.

Memory Speed

Boasting the fastest memory speeds in the world for consumer cards at 4 Gbps, loading those textures with VRam to spare.

Boosted Clock Speed

At 1809 MHz, the GTX 1060 keeps pace as you tear it up in games like Rainbow Six: Siege and The Witcher 3

Cumbersome size