The Most Immersive VR Experience

The HTC Vive delivers a room-scale Virtual Reality experience that truly takes the player to a new world thanks to 1:1 movement tracking, state of the art motion controllers with haptic feedback, and the 110-degree field of view.

From taking a spacewalk gone wrong in Home – a VR Space Walk, defending your squad of soldiers from incoming gunfire in Pavlov VR, mixing your favorite tunes on a set of virtual decks in a packed nightclub via Vinyl Reality or painting freely using the whole room as your canvas with Tilt Brush, the HTC Vive brings out that feeling of being a kid again as you become immersed in living environments and interactions that change the way you will experience games forever.

VR with the HTC Vive is an experience that is almost impossible to explain in words. You may have even tried VR experiences such as Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR and thought they were interesting, but leaving you wanting more. The HTC Vive is a completely different type of experience.

Utilizing two base stations that are constantly reading the position of the headset and motion controllers, the player is able to move freely around the playspace and interact with objects in the game that are at the mercy of your grasp.

Intense Gaming – HTC Vive Review

Imagine defending a castle from the top of a guard tower, tasked with taking out enemy monsters with your bow and arrows as they relentlessly escape from the forests. You quickly pull your arrow out of the quiver next to you with one hand by gripping the arrow with your motion controller and pulling the trigger. Bringing it up to the other hand, which is holding your bow, you pull the arrow back and nock it backward, ready to fire.

As you release your grip on the arrow by releasing the trigger, your arrow flies true in any direction you so choose. The beasts fall to their knees as you take them out, one by one until all are eliminated. As you look around and admire the scenery of the beautiful land you have just saved, it is remarkably easy to become immersed to the point where you actually feel like the hero of your kingdom. This is the feeling I get when playing QuiVR.

The HTC Vive is Cutting Edge

The HTC Vive can achieve this level of immersion due to the 72 detection zones located all over the headset and controllers, never leaving you without your connection to the game world. You can duck for cover, dive and dodge incoming lasers, and crouch-sneak upon the enemy, all thanks to the HTC Vive’s extremely complex tracking system.

The HTC Vive also has the widest FOV (Field of View) of all consumer grade HMDs (Head Mounted Devices), coming in at 110 degrees. While there is still a slight lack of vision in the player’s peripheral vision, it does not affect the immersion as this is easily overcome by the ability to walk around freely.

HTC Vive – Beautiful Design

HTC Vive – Play Everywhere

Pro’s and Con’s


Best in Class Visuals

No matter what you play, it will be a feast for the eyes.

Immersion can be habit forming

Despite any complaints, we find ourselves thinking about playing more HTC Vive all the time. At work, at dinner, in bed. Literally all the time.

Cutting Edge Technology

Thanks to the complexity of the tracking systems, The HTC Vive is a one of a kind experience that will leave you breathing hard as you duck, dip, dive, and dodge to avoid projectiles in real time in the real world.



Heaviest thing on your face

Unquestionably heavy – This thing is cumbersome and can be a real strain to wear for prolonged periods


Complex Setup

Some assembly required – but to enthusiasts like us, it is worth every second.


Limited content

Limited selection of truly defining games, for now.

HTC Vive Minimum Requirements

The HTC Vive definitely needs hardware to back it up, so before you blow your cash on this cutting-edge device, we want to remind you to review the minimum specs required to even run this, let alone run everything on Ultra Settings


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480, equivalent or better


Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350, equivalent or better


RAM: 4 GB or more – Recommend Kingston Hyper X


Video Output:

HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2 or newer


USB 2.0 or better

Required for use – every computer has this


Operating System

Windows 7 or better