Get a Grip on Reality

The Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins are designed to fit snugly over your HTC Vive’s Motion Controllers with the idea of delivering peace of mind when you finally smack your controllers together or swing one into a wall just outside your play space. Many times in the lab we have found ourselves knocking controllers together just from pure excitement; it happens.  Made of Silicone, these skins are the perfect thing to protect you from scrapes and light drops.

GelShell Controller Skins – Full Review

The Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins are made from a smoothly textured silicone, which fit over our Motion Controllers nicely. Despite all efforts, however, we were unable to get it to sit 100% flush with the shape of the controller and noticed a small area about the size of a pea worth of the skin that would rise upward away from the controller. It seemed to be localized to the inside ridge of the Motion Controller’s ring, so this did not impact performance from the Lighthouses; it was just a slightly annoying experience. One that doesn’t matter at all once you put on your HMD.

Playing multiple hours with the Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins on we can say with confidence that it is an overall improvement in our game sessions, for many reasons. The texture of the silicone lets you get a nice grip on the Motion Controllers without having to hold them quite as hard. The buttons on the Motion Controllers are easier to use even, as they have an increased profile with the Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skin on, especially the side grip buttons. The silicone also helps keep your hands cool, so you sweat less holding the controllers during long play sessions for increased comfort and stamina.

Protection wise, you should expect the Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins to provide the first line of defense against light to moderate abuse. Scrapes that would otherwise be caused by reloading guns in games like Onward and Pavlov VR became non-existant worries, and playing games like Gorn and QuiVR are a blast when you don’t have to worry about knocking the Motion Controllers together. Also, small drops are obviously much easier for the controllers to handle thanks to the Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins.

Hyperkin Controller Skins – Pro’s and Con’s


No More Slippin' and Slidin'

The Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins are designed especially for grip in mind. Your hands will sweat less and stay cool longer thanks to the smooth texture of the silicone skins.


Thanks to the added layer of protection, you will find it difficult to accidentally scratch, scrape, or otherwise damage your Motion Controllers during normal use.

Peace of Mind

You will enjoy playing games like Gorn and Pavlov VR a lot more when you spend less time worrying about not slamming controllers together and focusing more on the game!


Goldilocks Would Be Sad

While the Hyperkin GelShell Controller Skins fit well, we could never get them to fit 100%; it felt more like 98%. There was a small section that wouldn’t lay flat around the Motion Controllers, but it has zero impact on performance.

Not an Air Bag

While you can expect good protection for common collusions or short drops, it is NOT designed to protect from a full drop at height, neither will it save you from swinging at considerable force.