For Your Eyes Only…

I Expect You To Die is a seated VR experience aimed at giving you an idea of what it feels like to be a secret agent with the world on the line. Imaging riding a train to stop a villainous plot, ejoying your cigar and tea as the train moves along. The phone on the desk blinks a yellow light, indicating a message is waiting for you. As you put down your cigar you reach for the reciever and put it to your ear…”Watch out, it’s a trap!” Just as you look out the window, a gaint tank has pulled up to the side of your car. As that cannon slowly rotates and points straight at your window, what do you do?!

Pro’s and Con’s


Breathtakingly Undercover

I Expect You To Die is not only great to look at, but has an understated level of detail that really drives home that feeling of being a real spy.

Fast Paced Puzzles

Quick! Defuse that timebomb! Stop that virus from spreading through the city! Save that submarine from sinking! You will find no shortage of interesting and intense situations to MacGuyver your way out of.

Shaken, Not Stirred

This sets the bar for seated VR experiences. The game’s puzzles are hard enough to make you think, but not difficult enough to make you google it. With an environment based on classic 60’s spy movies and a few cheesy lines of dialouge, you’ll know what it’s like to wear 007’s shoes.


I Expect You...To Be Longer

Sadly, the total experience only has about 5-7 hours of play time, and that is with goofing off with all the physics toys and trying out silly things we wanted to in the missions.

Moneypenny, more like Moneytwenty!

For how short the overall offerings I Expect You To Die brings, you would expect a slightly lower pricepoint.

Our Full Review

I Expect You To Die starts with a beautiful intro scene, which pays homage to the great James Bond film openers, with a full on vocal track to boot! Very impressive, and it does a great job of setting the tone for becoming the next top secret agent. The game places you in your office to start, which is essentially the hub for all things in the game. Here you can manage game settings and make your mission selection. You may also play around with a few toys such as a lighter, some dynamite, and a radio, for example. We spent some time just trying to do silly things, like light any books in the office on fire. Once you insert a projector reel, you can turn on the machine and your mission begins.

There is something about the curiousity of how everything in this new world of espionage works. The game helps you along with a few clues from your “handler” who buzzes in your ear occasionally. As you are figuring things out for yourself, you may suddenly be thrust in a life or death situation. It was thrilling to have this realization that you have just a few seconds to react before your demise, the overwhelming “What do I do?!” feeling is definitely a lot of fun. We found ourselves trying every possible idea for the puzzles at hand, even ones we knew were wrong, but funny to try anyhow!

Telekenesis and Martinis, Oh My!

A unique and welcome gameplay mechanic that is featured allows the player to use a form of telekenesis to pull and push objects in the game world. This is very important for a seated VR experience. It allows you to pickup items that you may have accidently flung across the room or dropped on the floor. It is also a key mechanic to interact with many of the enviromental objects in the game that are used to solve the puzzles. After a few minutes to getting used to our new found powers, it felt compeltely natural.

I Expect You To Die’s campaign is relatively short, and only lasts a few hours. The missions themselves are a complete blast, and we had just as much fun trying to blow ourselves up with physics toys as we did trying to save the world. So far the game has seen a free update, and hopefully more missions will come along soon. At a $25.00 price point, it may feel a little steep, but you definitely get what you pay for, to be 007 in VR!