Ultimate VR Experience is Wireless

Virtual reality immersion is a great feeling. Right up until you trip on your cords and run your HTC Vive (Review) and face into the floor or wrap yourself into a straightjacket sort of situation… Constantly I have to be mindful of how many rotations I have made in a certain direction and have to accommodate for that. This is no fun and breaks that crucial immersion that we love.

Enter the MSI VR ONE 7RE-065US Virtual Reality Backpack PC, A full computer that needs no wires at all due to a hot-swappable battery system and a backpack that holds everything needed to plunge into virtual reality without the drawbacks of the traditional desktop computer.

There are a few versions of this pack available but we will be focusing on the 7RE configuration.

This latest generation contains an Intel I7 7820HK Processor which is a 4 Core 8 Thread chip similar to the I7 7700K (buy on Amazon) just clocked lower. This can be offset by overclocking the processor to pull a little more juice out of it but remember the more power you use the faster your batteries are going to run out.This is paired with 16Gb of DDR4 clocked at 2400Mhz. In this case I think 16 gigs is more than enough for just about anything and if not it can be expanded at your will.

Equipped with an NVMe SSD. Storage speed is important for boot times, loading times for games and applications, and has been reported to have an impact in VR gaming when it comes to games with large game files. NVMe Solid State Drives are some of  the fastest storage there is to offer right now and is the fastest way to play large games. Also, MSI equipped their exclusive Super Raid 4 to achieve maximum read/write speeds.

The GTX 1070 6gb (buy on Amazon)on board this beast has been shown to beat the current PC benchmark average which is incredible in such a small package. This card is a stellar performer and comes with great built in features from Nvidia, such as Nvidia Experience, Nvidia Gameworks, and Nvidia Ansel. The Pascal architecture ensure max performance while keeping your VR backpack cool and quite with 5 of the 9 heat pipes dedicated to the GPU.

The MSI VR One  backpack ships with two Lithium Ion batteries. Together they can provide roughly 1.5-2 hours of VR game play time. These batteries can be charged with the included charging brick while being plugged into the main unit much like a laptop would. There is an optional battery charging bay and spare batteries for sale as well (if you can find them).

There are many aspects of this computer that were carefully planned to ensure the user gets the best experience out of there MSI VR Backpack.

MSI really stepped up when they took into consideration cable management which is ingeniously thought out, directional cooling to keep the warm air from that hot graphics card and CPU blowing away from you. Also just for fun they threw in Killer DoubleShot Pro networking and Thunderbolt 3 certification for epic expand-ability.

Pro’s and Con’s



The MSI VR One is the ultimate VR backpack. Allowing you to really feel freedom in your virtual space. Nobody likes being tethered down while dodging bullets from robots and faceless red enemies (Superhot Review). The hot-swappable batteries make sure that your gaming sessions can last as long as you can.

High Performance

The MSI VR Backpack is equipped with an Intel I7 7820HK and a Nvidia GTX 1070. All of that is married with a 512 Gb SSD, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, built in wifi and bluetooth, custom cooling setup and a custom form factor case. Just plug in your HTC Vive (Review) and enjoy.


The computer is modeled after a Super hero’s chest ( I wish I could make this up) and makes your back look like a ripped pair of abs. Which in my book is awesome. Who wouldn’t like a chiseled robot six pack on their back?

Do you even lift Bro?… Nah breh I game hard though.



This unit is not cheap by any degree and cost more than computers with comparable spec due to the custom form factor, battery operation, and the backpack that houses it. It even has a few limitations that other PCs do not have like the fact that nothing is expandable except the RAM. Some would even argue that this solves nothing but a first world problem

Freedom but still limited

The cost is not the only significant value involved with this machine. This puppy comes in at around 8 lbs. Which is not too bad but something to consider, especially when you are jumping and flailing around in VR. Limitations don’t end there as the batteries only last 1.5-2 hours with VR then you have to plug the power cord in again… so back to square one.


There is a lack of availability on just about every accessory that is involved with the MSI VR Backpack.  It is hard to find the proprietary batteries, the battery charging hub, and even a spare power cable for these. I mean the parts are out there but they seem to only exist on what I would call less-reputable sites and the prices appear to be horribly inflated at the moment.



Processor and Memory

Intel Core I7 7820HK, 16Gbs DDR4 2400Mhz RAM.

Form... but mostly function

Cable management, directed cooling, Killer networking, Thunderbolt support.


Equipped with a 512Gb NVMe SSD and extra room for more M.2 and standard SSDs.


Two Lithium Ion 90Whr batteries.

Port Configuration

4 USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Thunderbolt, mini DisplayPort, mic and headphone jacks, a VR headset power connector, and one charger port on the bottom of the pack.


Nvidia GTX 1070 6Gb VRAM