Unbelievable Price for Performance

This is the ultimate bang-for-buck graphics card.

The Nvidia 1070 Ti boasts stellar performance, memory bandwidth, and very high pixels per second count without spending a whole Bitcoin on it. This card is known to easily overclock to 2Ghz to very closely rival the GTX 1080 and in some cases beating it, all while staying quiet and cool at around 70c.

The Geforce GTX 1070 Ti is a great card and can handle everything you can throw at it on high graphics and should keep your games above that golden 90 fps mark, but of course, this is all dependent on your settings and setup. Synthetic tests and specialized tests show that this card can more than handle 4k content and VR. 

Whether this is your first graphics card ever or you are a seasoned member of the PCMR you will not be disappointed with the performance and all around the quality of this piece of hardware.

GTX 1070 Ti Pro’s and Con’s


Price to Performance

When it comes to the amount of sheer frames per second for the money you spend this card is really second to none.

Low Power Consumption

This card comes in at 150 Watts and when compared to it’s big brothers the GTX 1080 and the 1080 Ti (Review) it’s sipping power as they are capable of pulling in the neighborhood of 300 and 400 watts respectively.

Inspired Technology

It no secret why this card is so good when you take a look under the hood. The Pascal architecture is a great advance since the last generation from Nvidia and is a prime choice for Mid to high level VR experience.


Video Memory

The 1070 Ti got suck with GDDR5 memory when the GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti (Review)received the new GDDR5X


This card is still pretty expensive and especially with the rise of Cryptocurrency miners the prices of cards have grown significantly. This card is one that is often targeted due to it’s impressive price to performance ratio.


High end cards are really sought after right now and it’s the better the price-to-performance and that makes the GTX 1070Ti quite elusive. If you see it near the MSRP then buy it!!

GTX 1070 Ti Specifications

Pascal architecture

The worlds most advanced GPU architecture boasting nearly 3x the performance of previous generation cards

Nvidia Ansel technology

Capture and create 360 degree screenshots that can be viewed in full 4k. You can add filters, post-processing effects and more then explore them in VR using the HTC Vive (review)

Video Memory VRAM

8Gbs of GDDR5 Vram. There are few games that can/will utilize this much Vram.

Memory Speed

Not the absolute fastest Vram but the GTX 1070 Ti boasts a throughput of 8Gbps. With a 256-bit memory interface and the  Memory Clock Operates at 2002MHz.

Pixel Crushing Power

With the Pascal architechure on board, the 1070 Ti can maintain high clock speeds with wiggle room. Also standard synthetic test clock this card in at 96.4 GPixels/s.

She's a big one

This card takes up a significant footprint in your case.