Overhead Cable Management – FreedomĀ from Clutter

Cable management loops for VR can increase mobility and decrease hazards while not emptying your pockets.

Retractable VR cable management is important to maintain a safe environment that allows you to not worry about tripping on cords. Some would even call this a necessity for HTC Vive owners.

We suggest overhead mounted retractable VR cable management which is known for being better than other cable holder or stands which can be cumbersome and be obstructing. Furthermore, the price is great for a problem that will likely plague most HTC Vive owners.

Overhead Cable Management – Pro’s and Con’s


Small Package

Overhead VR cable management loops are small and easy to carry if you need to take it somewhere and is easily stored. When you take a step back and look at the competition, cable loops seem like the only real “portable” option.

No Sweat

It’s very easy to install VR cable management due to the adhesive hooks that work good on most surfaces, no need for a drill.

More frags, less derp

No more worries about the wires. With your cables out of the way you can moving freely in VR and as a result you will get a better experience and therefore more fun.


Portability woes

VR cable management has to be the most portable way to manage the spaghetti that is coming from the back of your gaming machine but you will likely need more adhesive if you are moving it a lot.

Case of the droops

Everything eventually breaks. From our experience and other reviews will claim that in some cases the individual retraction spools can begin to droop after time.

Opt for the better one...

When it comes to VR cable management loops there are many to choose from and some cost slightly less that the other but often times it pays off to buy the better option. We suggest The 6 Packs Retractable Cable Management for HTC VIVE NEW Version from Amazon.com.

Overhead Cable Management – Specifications

6 pack

These cable management loops come in packs of 6 so this should be enough for many people without needing extra.

Everything you need

The kit contains 6 hooks, 6 retractable cables, and 6 buckles to hold cables.


The cable management kit also includes adhesive pads to stick the hooks where you need them. The adhesive is good and will stick to almost all surfaces.


Each cable management loop can be adjusted to the cable weight and rebound on their own.

Full Adjustability

The VR cable management loops can be combined to increase distance or movement in particular spot when rigging the cable runs for your HTC Vive.

Super compact

For what it does, this kit has to be the biggest price to performance/convenience accessory there is for the HTC Vive. Small footprint, portable, and low cost. How can you go wrong.