Clear Left!

Pavlov VR is a modern day FPS with a wide selection of various firearms for you to use while eliminating the enemy. The game focuses on a semi-realistic gameplay style which requires players to aim down their gun’s ironsights, adjust their position to take cover from gunfire and even perform all the actions needed to reload the gun’s real life counterpart. Intense gun battles and bomb defusals ahoy!

Pro’s and Con’s


Immersion to the Max

Pavlov VR is deeply immersive, making the player perform all the little actions such as feeding a magaznine and pulling the slide back on your handgun for example, all while under gunfire from other players! VR multiplayer mayhem!

Tactical, Yet Intense

Your decision making will be just as important as your ability to land shots on the enemy. You will have to decide what tools you can use to help escape when pinned down by enemies and display patience while waiting for them to make a move. It all plays into the immersion of feeling like you are really on a battlefield.

Custom Content Welcome

Pavlov VR utilizes the Steam Workshop, meaning custom maps are constantly being made by community members. Many re-creations of popular maps from games of the past are available for a firefight!


Learning Curves

Getting used to holstering and reloading your weapons with any kind of decent speed takes practice, but it does feel rewarding to pull off a tactical reload with your M4A1 in the middle of a battle.

Only Two Game Modes

As of Janurary 2018, the only two game modes are “Team Deathmatch” and “Search and Destroy,” which leaves a little more to be desired.

Player Count Could Suffer

Unless you are in North America, it can be difficult to find a game server that is populated depending on the time of day.

Our Full Review

Pavlov VR really wants you to know what it feels like to be in a gun fight with terrorists in a 5v5 battle, and it frankly does an amazing job. The game is definitely immersive thanks to the detail put into all of the actions required by the player to succeed, such as swapping magazines while reloading, pulling the pin on grenades and hurling them down hallways, defusing bombs with wire cutters or trying to enter the override code, peaking and taking cover behind objects, even blind firing your gun around corners, all while trying to keep you and your squad alive.

Since this is a multiplayer game, you can expect your enemy to use some real strategy when fighting; you will have to do the same to survive. The choices you make about where you hide or what path you take, the timing of when you enter rooms or if you throw your flashbang right are going to matter just as much as how well you can aim your rifle. The teamwork element allows you to come up with some interesting ideas, such as having your teammate attract attention of the enemy while you peak out from another angle.

The game features two game modes, the traditional Team Deathmatch, where you will spawn with random weapons in hopes of crushing the enemy. You can also buy weapons when you spawn and you will keep them when you die. In Search and Destroy, the game objective is similar to Counter-Strike where one team must navigate to either bombsite, arm and then plant their bomb, which is on a short timer. The other team must either eliminate all enemies before they plant the bomb or defuse it, should it get planted. Both game modes are a blast but without additional game types, it can feel repetitive in the same play session.

Pavlov VR has access to the steam Workshop, so players in the community can make their own maps to play on. The current custom content is actually very well made and features many popular maps from games you will already be familiar with, such as Dust_2 (Counter-Strike), Facility (Goldeneye 64), and Kakariko Village (Zelda: Ocarina of Time), to name a few. The nostalgia factor on top of being in an amazing VR experience definitely brings out a smile.