Bumper Cars for Motion Controllers

The HTC Vive can put the player in rather intense moments where quick reflexes make all the difference. The Protective Frame and Silicon Case by MDW is a simple design that provides the user with a way to defend your HTC Vive Motion Controllers from being damaged by bumping them into walls, accidental drops, and most of all from banging them together!

Protective Frame – Full Review

The Protective Frame and Silicon Case by MDW was made to help you defend your Motion Controllers from all of those “oops” moments, no matter if you slam the controllers together while trying to reload your gun as fast as possible in the heat of the moment or if you accidentally drop them, this case will definitely keep them safe.

The cage that is included is installed rather easily and lines up with the tracking sensors on the Motion Controllers nicely. Instaling the included rubber sleeves was also easy. During testing, there were no noticeable issues with tracking while using the Protective Frame and Silicon Case by MDW. Knocking the controllers together on purpose definitely gives a feeling of durability.

However, it would be nice to see a material that also was not hard plastic, as the damage prevented to the controllers will be passed on to anything else it strikes. The harder plastic also tends to not absorb the shock of an impact as much as desired. The included rubber sleeves seemed to slide around a bit on the grip of the Motion Controllers, and this was enough to cause it to be taken off, leaving just the hard plastic cage on our controllers.

Protective Frame – Pro’s and Con’s


Sturdy Frame for Defense

The frame that is provided to fit into the Motion Contrllers definitely will defend from drops and slamming them together.

Easy Installation

The entire thing can be assembled on the controller in seconds and can’t get much easier to install.

Perfect Fit

The cage fits around the Motion Controllers perfectly and doesn’t get in the way for tracking at all.

Peace of Mind

You will enjoy playing games like Gorn and Pavlov VR a lot more when you spend less time worrying about not slamming controllers together and focusing more on the game!


Hard Plastic

The frame is made from a hard plastic, which doesn’t quite soften blows as much as it could, but won’t fail to protect the Motion Controllers.

Added Weight

The cage definitely adds some noticable weight to the controllers. However, this may be a plus even if you find them too light.

Slippery Sleaves

The included rubber sleaves seem to slide around on the Motion Controllers a bit, and overall was removed from our setup.