Time Moves When You Move

Superhot VR is a special version of the original Superhot for PC, made with the HTC Vive in mind. The player is inserted in a world of white, with the gunmetal grey of their weapon and the burning red silhouette of the enemy being the only contrast. The game pits the player against challenges that take place throughout various levels, with relentless gunfire and enemies chasing you down. Can you survive the onslaught and fight your way through to the end?

Superhot VR Full Review

Superhot VR is a game that delivers an extremely simple but brilliant design. The player starts with an endless whitespace, with a single handgun floating in mid-air. As you grasp the gun into your hand, the bright red silhouette of your enemy fills the screen in front of you. He stands still until you begin to raise the gun to his face.

The satisfaction of having complete control over this expressionless being and it’s exact moment of demise is a thrilling experience. But it is soon discovered just how vulnerable you are as well, with only a single hit required to bring you down. As you continue, suddenly you have been put in rather deadly situations with enemies surrounding you and your only way out is to fight to the death. Your reflexes are less useful here as your wits and timing, as you will need to plan every inch of your movement to avoid extermination.

These fights are quite intense and despite the game not allowing for the player to have free-range movement over the game space, are rather exhilarating. You will be bending over backward to dodge every bullet, swinging furiously to parry every sword swing and punch; there is no lack of action here.

Difficulty can be frustrating

Some fights can become quite frustrating as the game does not give you checkpoints along the way between levels, and repeat some easy parts of each level just to get back to the deathtrap can feel repetitive. With great challenges come great rewards, however, and the sense of accomplishment is definitely there when you finally beat a level. This is definitely a VR experience for those who have their fair share of patience when it comes to progression.

The game’s campaign is short and can be completed in a few hours. The campaign itself also leaves a few questions to be answered about what exactly…it all means. You might be in a rather confused state once complete. However, when finished the player unlocks an endless mode where you fight to survive as long as you can until you make a mistake.

Lastly, Utilizing some of the throwing weapons does seem off, as letting go of them when you want can be hard to time, and leaves more to be desired. While it is rare you must use them, it can feel almost unfair at times how awkward it can be. All the other weapon experiences were very enjoyable and gave a sense of power while wielding them.

Superhot VR – Pro’s and Con’s


Beautifully Simple

Superhot VR is very simple in it’s design but that also plays into the genius of it’s style. Not too little detail, not too much. Just right… especially on the HTC Vive

Intense Gameplay

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be Neo as he bends backwards, dodging Agent Smith’s bullets, this is the VR experience for you. You will be dodging it all thanks to the motion tracking HTC Vive: punches, sword swings, automatic rifle fire; all while trying to dish out your own damage.

Deliciously Difficult

This is no cakewalk VR experience. The game will punish you for every mistake, but you will love it. The feeling of taking out four baddies in quick succesion in bullet time is an experience that cannot be replicated.


No Free-Range Locomotion

The lack of your ability to freely move throughout the levels is slightly disapointing, but quickly forgotten overall in the heat of the moment. Consider this Superhot on rails, but the added motion tracking of the HTC Vive helps alleviate this on-rails feeling.

Throwing Weapons Feel Off

When using a few of the throwing weapons in game, it felt difficult to release them accurately. Whoops.

Cryptic Campaign

Little is actually explained in Superhot VR regarding the campaign, compared to the regular version. The endless mode that is unlocked afterword does help make up for this fact, a bit.