TPCast Wireless Adaptor – Cut the Cords

The HTC Vive will have you ducking and weaving as you experience Virtual Reality. One of the biggest factors that hold the HTC Vive back from total immersion in the VR world is the cords. They run from the HMD to your PC, and you may find yourself stepping over them occasionally to avoid tangles or trips. After all that, you still have to deal with the cord getting twisted too many times, so you have to spend time untwisting it between play sessions. If you don’t, the max length and reach of the cords will be reduced. Never even think twice about ANY of this, thanks to TPCast’s HTC Vive Wireless Adaptor!

TPCast Wireless Adaptor – Pro’s and Con’s


No More Practicing the Footloose

Without having to worry about annoying cords at your feet, you will never find yourself distracted from the amazingly immersive experience going on in front of your face!

Range of Motion

Thanks to the TPCast Wireless Adaptor, you can also experience a greater range of motion. Before the TPCast, you would have to be careful how many times you rotate your body while wearing the HMD, to avoid shortening the cord ruing  play. Never again!

Get in the Game!

Without a doubt, the TPCast Wireless Adaptor helps deliver us closer to a truly 100% immersive experience while using the HTC Vive. This is what it’s all about.


Added Weight

You may notice the TPCast does add some weight, as expected, to the top of the device. You can also find ways to mount the included battery on the HMD as well, but this will also add to your total weight.

Advanced Setup Required

The TPCast Wireless Adaptor performs this VR miracle by utilizing it’s own wireless network equipment, which does take some set-up. If you aren’t familiar with forwarding ports on your router, for example, you may need to follow instructions closely to avoid issues.

TPCast Wireless Adaptor – Our Full Review

The TPCast Wireless Adaptor is the ultimate accessory when it comes to delivering the immersive experience all HTC Vive users live for. It’s easy to see that VR technology is just short of giving us the amazing ability to have complete free range of movement without the worry of being tethered to a PC via long cords. It may not be the worst thing in the world, being connected to your PC via cable, but there are always times during a play session that we find ourselves taking an extra second to adjust the cord. TPCast is here with it’s figurtive scissors to help you break free from that annoying lead!

To begin, the TPCast comes with The Wireless Adaptor, a battery and charger, a waist strap to attach the battery to your person, and the wireless router that is specifically designed to work exclusively with the TPCast. First off, start charging your battery now, while you set the rest up. Keep in mind the battery pack is actually an Anker PowerCore 20100 Battery Pack. This battery is the real deal and is designed to last for a long time. However, that also means charging it will take some considerable time. Next, attach the Adaptor to the HTC Vive. Getting the TPCast attached to the HMD is a little tricky, and we highly encourage you to watch this video made by TPCast to see the best way to attach the HMD wires.

Once you have that attached, follow the directions to set up the router that is included. You may need to obtain a longer networking cable if you plan on having the TPCast Router further away than 3 feet. We found best results by ceiling mounting the router or by using a Tripod. Once the private network is set up for the TPCast, you are ready to play!

TPCast Wireless Adaptor – Like the First Time

The experience is refreshing, and even after using the HTC Vive for a long time, the TPCast Wireless Adaptor really takes us back to that feeling of when we first put on that headset. The excitement comes rushing forward as you suddenly discover the feeling of absolute freedom. No more cords getting tangled at your feet while you shuffle around. No more worrying about how many times you’ve rotated your body, which causes the cord to spiral up on itself, and shortens the total range of the cord.

However, some concerns can be had. The setup is not as easy as we would hope, and the lack of offical documentation is troubling. There are lots of resources, in english, on sites such as Reddit’s /r/Vive community that can help answer questions you may have. While we personally never had any hang-ups while using our TPCast Wireless Adaptor, there are definitely reports of intermittent connection issues, but they don’t seem to happen while users are playing. Another note is that the added weight is noticable, but doesn’t add too much fatiuge while playing. If anything, take an extra break 30 minutes sooner.